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What’s in a name?
September 19, 2012, 6:36 pm
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So you’ve finally landed that awesome kitchen renovation! The first thing that comes up is “What’s your name?”
Given the difficulty in just naming a blog, the process of naming your own firm is mind boggling! Never mind the disheartening moment when you find someone else, somewhere else in a far, faraway land has already taken that name!!

Names are so important- on a basic level they provide identity in the most precise way.  It’s not simply who you are…but what you do… how you want to be perceived…and that’s not even touching the potentials of font, punctuation, and other designy items.

A quick  scan through archinect’s links to design firms, you find either the:

personal name/initials +

  • studio?  (Just open enough to allow you to do architecture and beyond!)
  • Architect?  (the state board, aia, ncarb and other bodies rule this definition)
  • designs?

OR the engimatic 

  • verb  (the action begins! WORK! Build!)
  • noun
  • a combination of letters, numbers, symbols that could really just be Prince, for all we know.

What was your process in naming?  Any good runner ups? Was the potential for future collaborations factored into this?


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This is an ongoing dilemma for me. I started with Jolie Kerns Design, then Jolie Kerns Studio because I wanted to indicate a more collaborative venture. I kept Jolie Kerns because I had a hard time coming up with that perfect moniker, the noun or verb, that defines the firm. And also because, well, it’s just me. But now that I’m in Oregon anyone practicing architecture is required to use architect or architecture in their firm name so alas, I’m now Jolie Kerns Architect. Not happy with this yet — too singular and I could see my “firm” taking on a more expanded definition of architecture projects.

Comment by joliekerns

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