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the Extraction
September 20, 2012, 6:02 pm
Filed under: Startup

After years of showing up every day at my old office, I finally decided to quit.  The actual conversation went down like a bad ’80s breakup movie.

me:  no, no really, its not you. It’s me.  I’m looking for a change…. (staring down at my shoes)
head honcho: are you going somewhere else? who else have you been with??
me (squirming uncomfortably): no, really. I’m not starting at  another office right away. I’m just looking to change directions…
head honcho: what are you going to do? do you have a plan?  
me: no. I’m just…just….(pause)….moving on.

yep.  noooo idea what I’m doing, but I’m going for it!  I ended up leaving the office (physically speaking) but continued to work as a consultant for the next seven months.  There were definitely pros/cons to that situation:

PROS: flexible hours and geography, working in the pajamas while taking conference calls, a steady paycheck while figuring what’s next.

CONS: not the cleanest breakup – plus, running an office out of my bedroom

What were your experiences like? How long did you stay? Any thing you wish you’d done differently?  What were your pros/cons?


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