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Coffice: Where all the magic happens!
September 23, 2012, 4:32 pm
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Cof•fice  [kaw-fis]


a small, usually inexpensive, space where wi-fi, refreshments and light meals are served and business is conducted.

If you’re starting out, maintaining a low-overhead is important, if not a necessity.  I’ve been working out of my coffice for many months now. Luckily most of my clients are remote, where Skype conference calls, email and phone disguise the lack of a professional brick and mortar.   For now, it works, but eventually this may not be tenable.   There’s also the option of renting workspace– these sites are inspiring coops for creative sparks.





So, where does your magic happen?  Are you finding spaces in your city?  What have been the pros/cons of working in shared spaces?  What was the tipping factor to start paying rent for your business?


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[…] coffice (https://archstartup.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/coffice-where-all-the-magic-happens/) is no longer as viable of an option. As much as the coffee was good, the collaboration and new […]

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