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Garmin for Startups: Recalculating…
December 3, 2012, 8:46 pm
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These days, I’ve been feeling a lot like the Garmin lady — constantly recalculating.

The shift from an established office to my own practice has been non-stop recalculating all things that I once considered straightforward– fee, space, schedule, scope, program…you name it. And it seems to happen on all scales.   On a micro level, the actual drawing standards seem different. One of my projects looks more like a laundry list of renovation items than capitol “A”, Architecture.   The process of formatting drawings to be concise, efficient and fully detailed in scope and intent is challenged by 1) trying not to exhaust myself with 500 dwgs and 2) reinventing the wheel.   On a macro level, the body of projects that I’ve been taking on seems to leave me scratching my head.  Whether you’re consciously marketing yourself towards a specific program/clientele or simply ‘going with the flow’, sometimes its baffling when you look back and see what you’ve been doing the last few weeks, months, years…

What are the things/issues that you’re recalculating?