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Uncle Sam
February 14, 2013, 12:59 am
Filed under: Startup

Tax time rolls around and I’m pulling out all the random wadded up receipts (along with my hair)… trying to make sense of what we’ve billed, expenses…financial reconciling time!  (Fingers crossed that I’m not just a non-profit for rich people!)

Advice that I’ve been given before is to keep track of everything and talk to your accountant about what you can/cannot deduct. Doesn’t hurt to try for everything!    Some of these things include:

+Rent of your workspace — whether its just your den in your home or a proper rented space.

+Utility bills – electric, phone, internet, car for site visits

+Lunch, dinner, drink meetings with clients and consultants

+Health insurance

+Medical bills that exceed 3.5% of your income can actually be deducted

+Last year’s accountant’s bill to do your taxes

+Travel expenses — subway cards? rental cars? gas for site visits/meetings?



Do you guys have any other goodies that you’ve deducted? Or other tricks to make tax time less painful? Are you paying quarterly taxes or just a lumpsum?



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