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Mobile office
July 8, 2013, 6:07 pm
Filed under: Startup

mobile officeIn the last year, I’ve taken on projects wherever I could get them…Virginia, Florida,New York.   It wasn’t so much as a conscious decision/business model as much as it was a general carpet bomb marketing approach.  I spent a lot of my resources on airplane tkts instead of an ‘office.’

One critical issue to a mobile office is simplicity.  Packing as light as possible. I realized simply having a laptop,wifi and a cell phone proved to be enough of an ‘office’ as I needed.  Most building codes are online.  Product manufacturers tend to be more up-to-date with their product literature on their websites than in those dusty old binders lined up on my bookshelf.   Embracing new apps on my iphone also helped. A few apps that kept me sane were:

  • Evernote (free!): organizes pdfs and digital files for projects
  • TurboScan ($1.99): uses your camera phone to create multipage documents (for receipts, site notes, etc)
  • Arch Record CEU: free continuing ed classes while you’re stuck in the airport!

What’re you guys using to keep light?


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