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Stay on Target!!
September 28, 2013, 1:23 am
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stay on target

Right now I’m juggling two projects that are just starting and one that is wrapping up…or failing to wrap up, that is.  Nothing like the lingering projects that have had more revisions to the punchlist than should be.

The hardest thing that I’m finding as a sole practictioner is scheduling these projects.  It seems that no matter how diligent I map out the schedule, there are other hurdles, outside forces that are not allowing me to “stay on target” (apologies…I grew up in the age of the original Star Wars!)   Things like “client’s financial adviser recommends delaying one month in order to provide more liquid funds to be available” or “Co-op board review has been postponed for two months because co-op board doesn’t give a sh*t about your schedule or standard review protocols

These projects seem to operating on a schedule of their own.  They




p a u s e

h i c-cup


…whatever they feel like doing.  While its feasible to write into your contract certain time clauses that allow you to request for additional services, it still doesn’t help your day-to-day operations or knowing even where the target is.

How’re you guys managing your time? What things are you doing to protect yourself (and your fees) so that when these pesky delays come in, you’re capable of dealing with it?


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