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Architectural Photography
October 1, 2013, 2:38 pm
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So, now that a few projects are done — I’m about to begin the process of getting photos taken of the project.  (Read as: anyone who has a wide angle lens to capture these small spaces!)  At my old office, we had a longstanding relationship with an amazing photographer. He always cut us a deal and charged only $1500/day with full rights to all the photos, unless used for publication.   His general way of working was taking as many shots and then doing touchups later, as opposed to spending the whole day with only 3-5 very specifically framed views.  Another photographer we’d used in the past, billed around $3000/day and provided the said 3-5 framed views.  The cost of the use of each photo was usually high and made you flinch, but they were beautiful.


It’s hard to use these as reference when your budget for your projects are 1/4 the budget as my old office….corollary to this, your marketing budget for having photos taken of your projects is equally as small.   What are you spending on your architectural photography?  or are you diy-ing it?



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Came across this link that has really good tutorials and basics on architectural photography — in case you end up doing your own photography for now. (check out the Tutorials section)


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