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What’s your is yours, what’s yours is (not) mine?
October 27, 2013, 8:34 pm
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Using PR material from your former office can be a necessity when starting out but being clear of what your role was in the project or providing appropriate credit is critical and ethically significant.  In all the PR material that I’ve used so far, I’ve been clear to list my old firm and my title (whether it was Project Architect/Manager/Designer etc) for the project.   While the projects I’ve been going after have been in a totally different market (and different country), I’ve been trying to be very clear of “what’s yours is yours, and what’s yours is (not) mine”…

I found link on the AIA website, offering up good ground rules for authorship/credit:  http://www.aia.org/about/ethicsandbylaws/AIAS077624


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Not that you need another excuse to be keeping straight the lines of credit, but here’s an interesting thread discussing how it could go so wrong…http://archinect.com/forum/thread/9448434/how-not-to-take-credit-for-a-project

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