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Women in Architecture
January 22, 2014, 2:44 pm
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Came across a few recent articles about women in architecture– and felt somewhat bummed about it.

When I started architecture school back in 1995, the administration was shocked at the fact that the student body entering that year was 45% female with a teaching faculty of 40% female–both ratios far exceeding the years before, let alone the decade before.  Women in architecture have been gaining speed in the previously male dominated field of Architecture. While teaching last semester, the entering student body was nearly 60% female.  The workforce hasn’t aged enough to have this ratio reflective, but its a good sign to see that women are joining the ranks of architects talking about waterproofing and curtain wall details, as opposed to butt pleat curtains and carpet swatches.  (no offense to interior design)

The recent articles that I’ve come a cross were a little disappointing in that the “Women Architects of the Year” aren’t always the leading heads/founders of firms, but project managers (not to belittle their work or skills) — but let’s hope that in the next few decades we’re commemorating female architects in their own firms for their own ground breaking work. Ladies, let’s make the future more interesting and doing it on our own. Hopefully the work will be so good that we’re not just commemorating it for being work by women in architecture, but ‘cos the work is just THAT good.



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