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February 2, 2014, 6:08 pm
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Having a hard time getting motivated in setting up my website —inevitably it becomes a much bigger exercise in branding when you have to answer “who are we” and “what do we do?”  let alone the graphics and storyboarding of it…so instead here’s my current research on webhosts (in case you’ve already answered those basic marketing questions of who, what, where…etc):

DOMAIN NAMES: pick a name for your firm and buy the ‘domain name’ such as: http://www.blahblahblah.com. Easily purchasable on websites like:  Godaddy.com or as part of a webhost packages

WEBHOSTS: there’s a ton of different webhosting companies depending on your needs: Do you need email with this website?  How many emails do you need? How many pages do you want? Are you putting a ton of images on your site — if so, then you’ll probably want a large capacity storage with the package you buy.  Do you want to design your own website or do you want to simply plug in some images into a basic template already provided?  …and of course, how much $$$ do you want to fork over each month?

Here’s a bunch of options out there:

What webhost are you using?  What were the things that came up when you put your website together?


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now that you’re designing your own site, here’s some a tip on content and exposure: http://www.businessofarchitecture.com/websites-for-architects/why-architects-websites-suck/

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