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A good fit
March 24, 2014, 6:05 pm
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shoelittle shoes

Since I started out on my own about three years ago, I had the motto “Say yes to everything” (corollary: say no, to nothing).  To my luck, the work that came my way were pretty similar in style and scope to the work that I was used to — ie: mainly modern, high-end residential.  That’s not to say, I didn’t wish the the budgets were healthier, or the clients less crazy!  but either way, I felt pretty comfortable with the type of work that was coming my way and was happy to be busy, bumbling along.

Recently, a potential client called me through a referral and the words “french chateau” in “Florida” came up in their wish list description.  hm. right…where to begin.  I’m trying to imagine researching stuccos that mimics limestone, and studying the best proportions for a Mansard roof?  It’s hard to keep the design snobbery at bay, but it’s just not what I imagined my portfolio to contain.  It also raises the other questions of not just being outside my skill sets (how the f* do you detail those ornate turret toppings?), but thinking of where I want to be in 5yrs? 10yrs from now? How do I stay on track to the portfolio I want with projects that are not leading in that direction?  Committing to this now may take a year or two out from projects that may be a better fit– and what are the risks to that?

Then there’s just the financial equation that comes into play.  Money is money- whether it comes in the shape of a Mansard or Flat Roof.

Have you guys been encountering this?  What were the issues you were debating between?



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