Just add water: architecture startups!

selecting work
June 1, 2015, 2:47 pm
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Up until now I’ve been of the mind set, “Say no to nothing”  when it comes to selecting projects. Thankfully, the projects that have come in have been great for many different reasons — diversifying my portfolio, being consistent to an aesthetic or design intention that I’m used/inclined and/or financially viable.   My lazy marketing approach has been “do a good job and you’ll get referrals”…and now that day has come.  for good or for bad.

Two new projects came through the door — much smaller (in budget and scope) than the original referring clients.  I’m inclined to decline as I realize that there’s only so much work that I can take on solo without having to grow my practice, and right now, my gut instinct to grow on the basis of small(er) projects isn’t the most reliable or responsible.  There’s also the other considerations: what if you turn down a job that could potentially grow into a larger project or be a job that allows you to get into another sector/market?  if you turn down this project, will your original referrer be less inclined to refer you to more lucrative/interesting projects?   Is this just the carrot dangling and we’re chasing after nothing?

These rumblings are all musings on how do you shape the direction of your firm when you’re just starting off?