Just add water: architecture startups!

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September 18, 2012, 11:27 pm
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4 years  undergraduate
3 years graduate school
3+ years of IDP (*sheepishly* this took me 5 ,but who’s counting?)
9 exams later… and finally we get to call ourselves Architects.   

Along the way, many friends started their own business (in “Architecture” or other creative endeavors), some continued to work for other firms and some are still trying to figure it all out.  (The latter company I’m most familiar with!)  I’ve had the great fortune of studying & working/learning from some extremely smart, funny, thoughtful, deeply creative and awesome friends and colleagues. A community that I can’t ever take for granted.

Up until recently, I’d been working for an architecture firm for the last 8 years, mainly on boutiquey-type projects. I’ve recently relocated and am trying to make a go of this education as a profession.  (Two very different things, as I’ve learned).   The one thing that I’ve realized is that many of my friends are also starting out on their own. Each with their own unique experiences, venturing off to encounter their own ‘the good, the bad, the ugly.”  With that in mind, I wanted to set up this blog as platform for sharing ideas, questions and dilemmas among creative folk who are earnest at learning from each other as they begin their new adventures. The goal is to share your stories and feel free to raise whatever questions/interests may be in starting your own business.  This is not linkedin, nor a smartass-trash-talking-soapbox.

Please share!  the more, the merrier!


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Great Idea! Thanks for actually starting this blog!

Comment by joliekerns

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